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French Sauces #1

I’ve had several requests for a great French salad dressing and so in this first video on the many French sauces I’ve learned from my belle-mère, here is a super simple, delicious Vinaigrette!

Forget the expensive Paul Newman (although I must admit I was a big fan before I learned how to make my own), forget Kraft, forget Anne’s. This recipe makes a creamy, rich dressing with just the right amount of zest and costs a fraction of the store bought brands.

You’ll need:
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Dijon mustard or equivilant
Salt and pepper

Possible variations: 
To change it up a little you can subsistute the Balsamic vingar for a Red Wine vinegar or an Apple Cider vinegar, or my personal favorite a Walnut vinegar (e.g. http://www.gourmetemporium.net/Edmond-Fallot-Walnut-Vinegar-p/fa33.htm)
Once you get the hang of it, have some fun. Try different mustards, different vinegars, add some herbs and some sea salt!

This dressing can be used for all types of salads as well as on steamed vegatables or as a wonderful plate decoration.

Bonne dégustation!