An inside look into a real life in the City of Lights and Love. I’m an American & Canadian turned Madame who lives in the heart of Paris. Come along as I open up the world of the French from the inside – les marchés, Soldes, boulangeries, cafés… Through my posts & videos experience what life is like as a resident of Paris.

What makes this blog different? Read the response to that question posed by a reader here.

This is a site where Francophiles can get an inside peek into what real life is like in Paris, France from the perspective of an American/Canadian who came to France as a visitor and who fate has brought into the center of French life. Here you’ll learn about what living in Paris is like, not as a tourist or student life, but what it is like to be a Parisian and belong to a very old, traditional, French family; all the customs, the quirks and the charm of a real French life.

Our second goal is to introduce and put into action our concept of Green Chic Living. This is essentially living in tune with the environment through our shopping habits and daily routines without becoming a hippy, granola eater who doesn’t shave her armpits. No, I’m joking. (I have nothing against a hippy lifestyle.) But the style and lifestyle isn’t for everyone and so over the last several years we’ve discovered – through keen observation of the French – a ton of ways people can make green decisions while maintaining a chic flair. No need to serve your dinner guests on moss-covered plates or reuse toilet paper. (Although 100% recycled fiber TP is definitely a good choice!)

Our topics range from cooking to outings in Paris, from the markets (les marchés) and shopping to transportation and the best places tourists don’t know about, from wine and entertaining à la française to giving a Parisian dinner party, from the best places to vacation in France and Paris to eating like the French (think: proportions, eating in season, and sitting down at a table).

If you have a topic or a question about Paris or France that you’d like us to do a video on, feel free to write us. We have a stock pile for the time being (thank you to those who have already given suggestions!!), but are always very interested in what you like best and what interests you the most.

Lastly, Becoming Madame was created for people who, like us, still believe in traditional family values, think that doing right by the environment should be a given, and yet who may have trouble finding a source of those values in their everyday lives. I want to share with you what I’ve learned from being immersed head first into this new culture and from being a member of a family who embodies the very essence of the French style de vie.

Hope you enjoy!

Contact: becomingmadame@gmail.com

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177 thoughts on “About”

  1. Interesting. I’ll follow this so that I can gain a better perspective on French life.

  2. Beautiful and breathtaking. Truly an amazing blog. I look forward to following your stories.

  3. lovely blog and fabulous ideas! it’s great to see your european adventure. cheers!

  4. Your posts about your new country and way of life are both insightful and charming so I’ve passed along the “Versatile Blogger” award to you (http://gayleen5.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/saturday-december-3rd/). I look forward to following your continuing adventures in La Belle France.

  5. I feel somewhat like an armchair voyeur, except your blog is so inviting!

  6. Marcia Clarke said:

    Your blog concept sounds interesting, I am all for seeing how people really live and cultural immersion. I’ll be following your posts. Great intro!

  7. What a lovely blog!

  8. I love your blog! Very different from my India version of living abroad, but I am sure the same in many ways too. ♥ Thanks for the like today.

  9. I was delighted by your intriguing blog! I loved living abroad and now you expand my world,

  10. Very interesting idea for a blog. I love Paris so will look forward to reading more. Thanks for liking my blog so that I could find yours!


  11. santacruzdailymuse said:

    Thank you for liking my post about my favorite (and only) french scarf. I love Paris and your blog really brings back what I love about Paris.

  12. I love your blog. Thank you!

  13. Great idea. I can expand my horizon without leaving my living room,and that’s terrific right now, since I can’t afford to get out of the state I’m living in,let alone the country, at this time.

  14. Soooo excited to find your blog. J’aime Paris! I’ll probably become a “cling-on” to your blog! 😉

  15. Awesome intro! Being an American Expat myself w my family in Switzerland, I cant wait to dig deeper into your blog. We have been to Paris a few times and LOVE it, cant wait to return when the weather is nicer.

  16. PS thanks for the liking my One-Day Stand with Paris! Hope we can stay in touch!

  17. I clicked across to see what you were all about because you “liked” my blog post and I’m glad I did. Your blog looks really interesting! I studied French in high school right up to Year 12 and even thought that is many years ago I still remember a fair bit of it. I’m looking forward to learning more about France and dreaming of a day when I might go there!

  18. herndonjw said:

    Thanks for the “like” at Necessary Miscellany! Stop by again sometime and I wish you the best!

  19. Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog and for liking my recent photo post. It’s very appreciated and encouraging! Also, thanks for the opportunity to check you out here. Very cool blog you have here…..

    Thanks again and best wishes for 2012!

  20. Hello 🙂
    Thanks for liking my blog post.. I’m so happy I discovered your blog, very interesting and inspiring!

  21. so.. I was awarded a Liebster Blog award recently 🙂 and in keeping with the requirements, I am now forwarding it on to you. I haven’t been following long, and am unsure whether you fit the parameters (up and coming blog with less than 200 followers) but I love your style and I like to pass along props when I can 🙂
    Tune in tomorrow to receive your award!! 🙂

  22. Thanks for reading my post on penne campagnola http://marrylallwrite.com/2012/01/09/penne-campagnola/
    I love reading and looking at pictures of France. I’ll be following your blog to see more of your stories in your new life in Paris.

  23. I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  24. You have a beautiful site and I love watching your videos!

  25. What a great blog! Thank you for reading and the “Like” on mine.

  26. I like your blog too.Thank you for visiting my blog.

  27. Love this. Paris holds a special place in my heart. The food, the scenery, the atmosphere. Look forward to reading your blog!!

  28. I’m afraid you may have just been hacked. I received a strange post VIA my RSS feed called “jesusknowsmyname.com” but WordPress can’t find it. Your main blog page is redirected to this unknown page also.

    I do love your posts and have even tried several of your great food ideas.


    • Hi Bill, thanks very much for letting me know. In fact, I was trying to reply to a reader and somehow ended up publishing her blog name. I apologize for the inconvenience. It was very kind of you to give me the heads up in any case!! Take care.

  29. Hi there. I wanted to say, thank you for stopping by my blog and for liking it enough to consider following it.

    I should mention that I am a fan of anything that has to do with French food, especially the delights that can be found in Paris. That’s probably what attracted me to your blog in the first place.

    Take care,


  30. Ahh the memories! I lived in Paris, and married in Paris and am now back in the UK. I visit Paris at least 4/5 times a years as I still have family there. We have a very long lineage of ancestors born in France so it is close to my heart…I shall follow your blog with interest. Thank you for visiting my blog and clicking the ‘like’ button, It is very much appreciated.

  31. Darling,

    Thanks for looking at my Xmas dinner. Slightly after the dinosaur age, I was a busker in Paris. LUV the city and the country. May be there next year. Was supposed to be this year, but too many conferences.

    Look forward to your posts.

  32. Food Forays said:

    As a French Canadian, I’m really looking forward to exploring Paris here! I never really had a desire to see it, but just a few posts that I’ve read tells me I may change my mind really quickly!

    Thank you for the “like” on my blog! I’m a new blogger, and it’s a big boost for me! xo

  33. Lovely and interesting blog…leaves me intrigued x

  34. Hi,

    I have nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award, I hope you’ll accept! Details are in today’s blog here – http://mike10613.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/the-kreativ-blogger-award/

  35. Paris had never been on my wish list of places to visit but my wife and I ended up spending a week there in 2010 (long story). Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back again. In light of that, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy reading your posts in the future!

  36. Bonjour! Thank you very much for liking my post about Leura Village. I like your tips on being an expat since I will be working in a different country soon and paperwork can be difficult but it’s definitely gonna be worth it.

    I have a recent post about a historical mansion in the 1900s found in among sugarcane plantations. I hope this would be equally appealing. 🙂


  37. I see we both adore Dave, at Dave’s Delish Dish! Thank goodness for me that I saw your post because it gave me the opportunity to visit your blog. How I envy you living in Paris! I can’t wait to sit down and go through your posts and vicariously live your Parisian lifestyle.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  38. Hey, just stopped by to say thanks for your like on my blog and have been checking out yours – and loving it. I’ve just clicked follow. I used to be fluent in French (now Spanish has pushed it to a hard to get at corner in the back of my brain) and I worked in Nice for a while. Hopefully your blog will inspire me to refresh my knowledge (and visit France more!)

  39. I’ve been wandering around your blog for the past hour, and my God!! You have French recipes on Youtube! Woot, woot, I’m ecstatic!

    I went to Paris years ago, fell in love with it, and have always intended to return. I was quite poor at the time, and quite happily lived off of baguettes and delicious cheese during my stay there. Now I get to read all about Paris and tidbits about daily Parisian life via your blog. You’ve made me quite the happy camper today!

  40. Beautiful blog! Paris is one of my favourite places in the world, so I’ll be sure to follow your accounts of your experience. Thanks for the follow on my blog, http://www.sweetpursuits.com too!

  41. I love this! You’re kind of like Julia Childs when she lived in Paris and fell in love with it!

  42. What a lovely blog! Thanks so much for liking my recent post – I’m glad you introduced yourself! I’ll definitely be back to visit again 🙂

  43. Hi, thank you for liking my British poetry blog post!

  44. Thanks for liking my post. I enjoyed your posts, esp. your literature posts as well, so I am sure I’ll be back again.

  45. Just came upon your blog. I am mad at myself for not discovering it earlier! Love it

  46. I wonder how people find blogs like mine. As for yours, a great find. I’m very much a francophile as it happens, with a uni degree in French language and literature, though I’ve never been there! One of my heroes is the French writer Stendhal, a great romantic and a great sceptic. Also Montaigne, the originator of the ‘essai’. Good luck with everything.

  47. Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog, I’ll be doing the same to join you along your writing about such a beautiful place 🙂

  48. What a lovely blog. It’s a feast for the eye, but also very well written and informative. I can tell you put a lot of work into it, and it brings back wonderful memories of my own all-too-brief sojourns in the City of Light. I have a particular affection for the wonderful French stationery shops – nothing feels quite like a Clairfontaine notebook as your biro glides over the pages!

  49. Hello, thanks for liking my post. Yours looks interesting, will surely come back to it. Good luck.

  50. Chere Madame,
    Thank you lots for stopping by THATLou.com. If you’re ever in the mood for a treasure hunt at the Louvre, you know where to find me.
    As for your blog it’s wonderful. Not only charming, I am a full supporter of your green endeavours.
    Kind regards,
    Daisy de Plume

  51. Bonjour,
    Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. Best wishes for continued success with your beautiful and informative blog.
    Deacon Paul Iacono

  52. I love to see Paris through a foreigner perspective…

  53. I would love to live in Paris and since that is not likely to happen, I will enjoy living there through your eyes! Beautiful blog. Did you notice the photo at the top of my blog? We took the picture when we were there in September. I am sharing your blog with a fellow-blogger turned cyberspace friend. She is obsessed with Paris in the 20s.

    • I did notice your photo. I wasn’t sure at first if I was seeing it correctly; I’ve never looking directly up at the center of the Tower that way. Great shot! Thank you for passing us along. All my best!

  54. I’ve nominated you for the 7×7 Link Award…you can have a look at the details on my blog here….http://wp.me/p244yO-Ac

  55. Thanks for visiting my blog, Ma’am. I’m sure I will also find interesting and stimulating things inside your blog, for there’ll always be Paris!
    Au revoir!


  56. hello there. nice blog

  57. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award:

  58. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. It seems to be the equivalent of a chain letter for blogging, but it seemed fun. You can see details here: http://emilyjanuary.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/the-versatile-blogger-award/
    Looks like you’ve already received it, and rightly so. 🙂

  59. Many thanks to gingerskeeper at This Bountiful BackYard, a WordPress blog, for turning me onto this blog. After a journey to Paris and Provence in 2005, my husband and I become avid Francophiles. I can’t wait to peruse all your posts.
    Jewelie Dee

  60. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful and chock full of so many interesting things. I love Paris (who doesn’t?) but haven’t been back since 1992. I now have a friend who I think is still living near the city. We may visit this fall. Fingers crossed. And I will bookmark the rabbit in chocolate sauce recipe!


  61. I’ve never visited Paris and like most people have a romanticized idea of what it will be like when I finally get there! Getting a new perspective on The City of Love from one who knows will be very interesting 🙂 Love the title and concept of your Blog 🙂 Will be back for more! Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

  62. Paris seems like the place to be. Thank you for stopping by our blog and following it. 🙂

  63. As a Newbie, I am constantly browsing online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  64. Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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  68. thecircleofit said:

    lovely blog……Paris is so special and you are so lucky to live there to experience it all first hand!!!

  69. You know I love your blog, and always enjoy reading your new posts. For this reason, I am nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award!

  70. Cher Madame, you might have noticed, it’s Awards Season and I couldn’t not add your fabulous blog to my list of nominations for the Illuminating Blogger Award. I won’t be upset if you can’t find the time to play, but if you can, pop over to check it out: https://thewanderlustgene.wordpress.com/2012/05/31/confessions-awards-and-the-atlas-game/

  71. Thanks for stopping in and liking my French food post! Lucky you, living there!

  72. Thanks for signing up!

  73. Thank you for liking my Saveur post. I like your blog. I have been to Paris twice and it has always been a goal of mine to live there. Good for you! Can’t wait to read more of your blog. Take care.

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  75. Wow – thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I cannot wait to see your posts!

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  77. This is late, so apologies for that… but thanks for liking my post on Cape Town. You have an absolutely gorgeous looking blog! : )

  78. Hi there! I finally got a chance to post some pics from the PWW.

    It was great meeting you!

  79. Thank you for reading and following my blog!

  80. Hi there! I love your blog and I’ve nominated you for the Tell Me About Yourself Award (http://theladyinwaiting.org/2012/07/12/tell-me-about-yourself-award/). Enjoy! 😀

  81. So great to meet you! Found you thru Kimby “A Little Lunch”…your blog fits so well w/my nomad and global love of life, that sometimes keeps me right in my kitchen, however, the food allow me to escape and dream and pretend making eating so much more exciting and interesting. I’m looking forward to learning more about your intriguing city, which I’ve visited several times, but, alas, in my youth when I didn’t have a true depth of appreciation…

  82. Hi, we really enjoy following your blog and have awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. If you wish to accept this award follow this link to our blog for the details. http://rezichfamilykitchen.wordpress.com/ We’ll continue to follow and see what you’re up to.

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    Enjoy reading your blog every time I come here :)!

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    Do look at the rules! Congratulations and Take Care!


  84. your blog is lovely and I always learn something new and interesting from it. So I nominated you for One Lovely Blog award. I know you have heaps of that already but you deserve more 😀 http://sweetsandbrains.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/one-lovely-blog/

  85. Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward greatly to reading more of yours. I’ve visited France many times but never Paris, I’m sure your writing will be illuminating!

  86. What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for the visit to The Nutrition Doctor is In the Kitchen, I appreciate it! Cheers, PK

  87. thank you for liking our blog. yours is quite amazing. we look forward to becoming parisians vicariously.

  88. Thanks for visiting The He Said She Said Experience and liking our post about Mon Ami Gabi! You have a lovely and fun blog! I (Kari) am a big fan of it!

  89. I’ve nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award. See my post for details: http://curiouscuisiniere.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/inspirational-blogger-award/

  90. I so wish I’d seen your blog before I went to Paris! Thanks for coming to visit “Green Oasis” on the TED WORDS blog. I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you, Ted! Be sure to let us know when you’re coming back this way. Always have new a few new suggestions for restos and things to do off the beaten path. Take care!

  91. njbrown said:

    I enjoy your blog so much that I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

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    You can pay forward the love by following the 3 rules listed, or not — either way I just wanted to give you props. Hope it brings you a few new readers, you deserve them!

  94. Love the blog! My husband is Italian and I’ve lived in Italy and Turkey for several years – love the insights into the French lifestyle…nice work!

  95. For sure, let’s take care of our environment…! Sounds like you have a great time in Paris!

  96. Hello! As a Frenchwoman (well, half) who has just moved to Brussels, I am enjoying your blog, and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and Inspiring Blog award. The link is here: http://beautifulsimplemeaningful.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/one-lovely-blog
    Best wishes,

  97. Enchantée! Such a lovely blog, and a thoughtful exploration of French culture and life. I look forward to exploring your past posts and following new ones.

  98. Madame — welcome to the reader family of The Sun Drips Honey. On my site, you will find three Friends pages — on Friends, readers share information about themselves and their blogs; on Friends’ Favorites, I ask readers to leave poems which have impacted their lives, or those which they love; and Friends’ Poetry, where you may post any poetry you’ve written, and I will add a proper reference to you and your blog, and an introduction to your poem. I’m glad you’ve joined us, and I hope you enjoy the blog!

  99. A big hi and thanks for visiting my blog from a new follower! Your blog is fab and as I LOVE Paris, it is with great excitement that I look forward to your reading your blog and latest posts! xxP

  100. I’ve dreamed of visiting Paris since I was young (I bet you get that a lot lol). I even took two years of French in high school, which I promptly forgot. One day I’ll see it, but until then I shall follow and live vicariously through you. Thanks for being so generous, as I know I’m not alone in my love for your city.

  101. Dear Becoming Madame,

    I believe I missed welcoming you to my blog, The Sun Drips Honey. I’m happy to have you as part of our family. Please feel free to add your information to my Friends Page, and if you are a poet or have favorite poems, I have pages for those as well. I hope you’ll enjoy our group — we have some fun! So Welcome!

  102. As a francophile, your blog truly excites me! You are living the life I wish to be living myself one day. Paris is definitely my favourite European city and I yearn everyday to go back (I’ve been lucky enough to have visited a couple of times in the last few years). I can’t wait to explore your blog and read more about what you get up to.

  103. gjkingphotography.com.au said:

    I’ve just made a huge cup of coffee and have nestled deep into my comfy chair anticipating not going anywhere for a while. FANTASTIQUE to say the least! Reading through this blog IS like having a Parisian holiday but getting all the added bits you don’t see in the brochures, though I am reading it all through green envy eyes as I have Paris envy. My wife and I are so looking forward to coming back again at xmas this year (we’re both Paris tragic’s) This blog is just what I’ve been looking for to help soothe my soul from my everyday Australian life while I yearn and lay in wait for a change of EVERYTHING.
    Thank you so much for taking time to share your new life with us all.
    Merci. 🙂

    • Thank you so very much for your kind words! I’m so happy you enjoy the blog, incredibly touched you let me know! I hope you two have an incredible time in Paris over the holidays. Thank you again for your very kind encouragement. All my best from Paris.

  104. rigmover said:

    Hey thanks for the like on my blog, you have a interesting blog here.

  105. Looking forward to reading your posts. We love Paris, and wish we had the opportunity to live there! Maybe some day!

  106. In 1971 my 2 year old and ex backpacked through England,France and Spain in route to our destination (Tangier,Morocco) A lovely man gave my daughter a French cupcake and called the authorities.That was so sweet.We were napping on our back packs at the train station and she woke and wondered off.


  107. Thank you for reminding me why I miss Paris so much. Love your blog!!!

  108. Hi!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my posts😃I really appreciate ❤
    Lovely blog you have ! I love Paris and honestly if I could I wish to sketch everywhere of this beautiful city❤
    Looking forward to see more your posts❤

  109. What a fabulous blog and blog concept! Looking forward to following your journey!

  110. I have nominated your wonderful blog for a 2012 Blogger of the Year award. Read more here http://wp.me/p2frs2-xG

  111. Hello! I have just seen myself (well, beautifulsimplemeaningful) on your appreciation page. Thank you so much! And more to the point: how did I miss this?? (unless you’ve just posted it). Wishing you a happy festive season,

  112. Hello. I just came across your blog. It is very interesting to see the different experiences people have of living in France. The difference between town and country living is very wide.

  113. My wife and I have been toying with the idea of getting back to Paris soon. I always try to keep up with your blog posts and wanted to let you know that they’re a great resource — and very interesting in their own right even I weren’t ever planning to visit Paris. Keep up the good work!

  114. Greetings from a far away land,
    I really enjoyed reding about your experience of France within Paris. The perspective is refreshing and reminds me of my time spent there, though I lived most of the time in Lyon. Keep up the great work, take care of yourself and God bless.


  115. My daughter and I will be spending 10 days in Paris in late September. We find your blog most helpful and informative as we plan our trip.

  116. Oooh. So we are on the same “page”. You becoming a Madame and me becoming a Monsieur. Looking forward to more posts from you. x

  117. Bonjour from the Pyrenees!

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and am already hooked!
    I came to France four years ago to work as an English teacher during my studies and have decided to return and make the move more permanant. Living down here in the mountains, so far from the capital, can make Paris seem like a foreign land at times. So I look forward enormously to reading and learning more!

    Kind regards from Fran, a baba-cool, lentil eater (who doesn’t shave her armpits)!!!

    • Dear Fran, welcome to the French expat community! 🙂 Thank you for your kind working regarding the site! My beaux-parents live in Pau so I’m pretty familiar with the Pyrenees. You live in a glorious spot! Lucky you. I hope the weather is beautiful for you this spring! All my best.

  118. Nice intro…

  119. Right away I am going to do my breakfast, once having
    my breakfast coming yet again to read other news.

  120. I’d love to live in Paris.

  121. What does “traditional family values” mean in this French context? In the USA it means discrimination against non-heterosexuals.

  122. Glad to met you here via WP. You have a very interesting and wonderful blog!
    I really you enjoyed my visit and looking forward to see more of your adventures 🙂

    Also I appreciate your visit in my blog and for liking “French Talk” to follow.
    Merci beaucoup!
    And as a token of my gratitude, please accept this gift I have for you here: http://allaboutlemon.com/le-cadeau/ ….. just simply because YOU ARE LOVED!
    Enjoy! Have fun and keep on blogging.

    I’ll be seeing you around Madame chère 🙂

  123. Love your blog! So interesting. I do have a question and if you have time would love to hear your response. I have been doing research on the French way to eat vs. the North American way and am quite intrigued. I have read alot that the “lunch” is typically the bigger meal as opposed to the lunch but from the information I find, I cannot tell a difference between the two. It seems as though there is an Entree, Plat, Fromage and Dessert at both lunch and dinner. Is this correct? If so, would you mind doing a blog post or explaining the difference? Thank you so much and keep up the blogging!

  124. So sorry, I meant to say lunch is typically the bigger meal as opposed to “Dinner”. 🙂

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