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Twice a year, one of the prettiest streets in Paris – winding its way toward Montmartre – hosts an enormous brocante, garage and antique sale… all piled into one. Spanning 2 kms, this outdoor market is packed full of stands and tables of all sorts. Books, clothes, baby accessories, furniture, knick-knacks, china, linen, just about everything you could think of.

I love these days…. the butcher brings out his BBQ and sells sausages on baguette. People are everywhere, someone playing music in one corner and children running around and laughing in another.


You can find some real deals as well! We bought a small wooden book shelf and miniature chair for a grand total of 18€. Plus 7€ for the sausage and it turned out to be a relatively inexpensive afternoon enjoying the newly minted spring season.

A few years ago, I wrote another post and did a video of brocantes in Paris. Similar to a flee market back home, you can find all sorts of items, but you have a dig a little. And deals are there to be had!

A few pictures to give you an idea.

Bon week-end !