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Dearest readers,

This summer a kind follower wrote me a supportive email and in that message encouraged me to write a memoir about my experiences in Paris, my move over to the city and living here. Little did she know that I was in the process of getting one such a memoir published. After five years of writing and working through the ups and downs of the publishing industry, I am so very pleased to announce the release of my book, Becoming Madame: Reminiscences of a road less taken.

BM cover

— From the cathartic decision to embrace the frightening monster of change, through to a marriage into a French family four years later, the pages of this memoir aspire to inspire, to stoke a flame within those who may be, as the author was, chained to a path of life they created for themselves years earlier yet to which they now find themselves a slave. Engaging the ever-present allure of Paris, this narrative is spiced with delicious, authentic recipes and humorous anecdotes of the iconic, sometimes hypocritical, and always-seductive mode de vie français. —

It might not be at your local bookstore, so please don’t be shy to ask for it! You can also find it on Barnes & Nobles or Amazon. And feel free, of course, to share the news.

Here’s what the editor said about the book:

— Well-written and FRESH!  Writing style easy to read, but compelling; such a positive, uplifting, “happy” read. The descriptions of her travels are so good–almost like the reader could travel there herself with the author. I loved it! —

And if the spirit moves you, a little endorsement on Amazon or Goodreads would be so very appreciated!

With my thanks, and happy reading!!