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I recently ran into a man I originally met a year ago through some mutual friends, a fellow American and blogger. His name is Richard and he runs a lovely Parisian blog and tour company in Paris appropriately named Eye Prefer Paris. Richard writes several times a week on a variety of topics ranging from food to Parisian themed books, cooking to random details about Parisian life.

I Prefer Paris  Parisian of the Month  Sylvia Whitman of Shakespeare and Company

One of his recent interviews particularly struck my interest so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share it with you. Richard sat down with English bookshop owner Sylvia Whitman, of Shakespeare and Company fame. Her father began the now renowned bookshop over 60 years ago and for the last several years now she has taken over the reins for what promises to be a rather exciting new adventure for book lovers in Paris. Often confused with the bookstore that Sylvia Beach created in the early 1900s, frequented by Anglophone favorites like Hemingway and James, the Shakespeare and Company we know today is, in fact, but a romantic nod to her departed predecessor.

If Richard’s blog tickles your fancy, I encourage you to wander a little around his site for there is a little bit of Parisian preferction for us all…

The link to the Sylvia Whitman interview: http://www.ipreferparis.net/2015/01/parisian-of-the-month-sylvia-whitman-of-shakespeare-and-company-.html

Bonne lecture!