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A Guest Post…

We all know the benefits of learning a language, and we all know it’s far easier to do so in a country that speaks said language; naturally then, if you want to learn French you should go to France. Then you leave yourself with one question, where in France? I imagine most of you will say that Paris is the place to go, but in case it’s not a clear-cut decision, let me give you a few more good reasons why Paris is the place to go.

BecomingMadame, Image, Jan 2014

The reason living in the country is such a big boost to learning a language is that it becomes a necessity to try. France is no exception, the French are welcoming and appreciate any attempt to speak in French, if on the other hand you presume you’ll be able to speak English everywhere, you might get a cold shoulder or two. You’re going to want to taste the wines, dine at the restaurants, and take in all the culture you can; for that reason it’s a good idea to brush up and get the basics down so you can at least start the conversation…

These days there are plenty of places you can learn French, but when you’re living in France, Paris is the top spot. Why? Consider that Paris holds the highest proportion of highly educated people in France, as around 40 per cent of Parisians hold a diploma or higher! It’s due to Paris having some of the best schools in and outside the country; such as the Paris-Sorbonne University, one of the most well-known universities around; The Paris-Sorbonne is the inheritor of the old Sorbonne, which dates back to the 13th century, making it one of the first universities in the world. Then there’s also the Alliance Française, the most popular French school in Paris but also well-known for having schools around the world with the aim to promote French language and culture.

Of course, if you’re taking French classes you’re unlikely to meet many French people, and that’s half the fun of being in the country! So it’s important to make sure you do get out and try your newfound language skills in public. A great point here is that you’ll be in Paris! The city of love, and a lovely city of over 10 million people,  quaint cafes, stunning architecture — The Eiffel Tower anyone? — and much, much more.

In the end I really shouldn’t need to do much convincing, Paris is a paradise that appears in almost everyone’s dreams at some stage; that being said, there comes a time when it should go from being a dream to a reality, and while taking that step can seem daunting, the reward will be worth it.

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