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In addition to our article on Must Try Parisian Restaurants and our Sunday Brunch à Paris special, here are four more hip, 30-something fun and yummy suggestions for a dinner out in Paris! Forget the tourist traps. Come dine where the Parisians eat out.

chez prune

On the corner of rue Beaurepaire in Paris’ 10ème arrondissement at the edge of the Canal Saint Martin, sits Chez Prune. It doesn’t look like much when you walk in, just another café/brasserie, but the atmosphere beginning around 6pm is lathered with the Bobo artsy types of which Paris is filled to the brim. Cocktails are at happy hour prices until around 8pm. And it is packed by 7:30, so don’t dawdle too long getting yourself over to Chez Prune for a very Parisian aperitif!


la madonnina001Once you’ve soaked up a wine or two at Chez Prune, make your way over to La Madonnina, a little Italian bistro on rue Marie & Louise, just a few minutes’ walk over the bridge. La Madonnina is a quaint, romantic spot with excellent antipasti and classic Italian dishes. The service is friendly and warm, like we’re having dinner at a friend of a friend’s. Head’s up: the Tiramisu is to die for.

If you happen to be on the other side of Paris, I’d definitely take a moment to pop into Chez Marcel on rue des Dames for dinner. Again, this place has a great atmosphere. Welcoming and energetic, the staff whiz around the central bar serving traditional French dishes and laughing with the regulars. This little slice of Paris is popular with the locals (Parisians) so you’ll get a real taste of the city when dining. Recommendations are highly recommended as I’ve never been to this place when it wasn’t backed, even at 11pm after going to the cinema!


Finally, back over on the eastern edge of Paris is Chez Justine on rue Oberkampf on the 11ème, just down the street from République. (I just realized that all but one of these places begins with Chez… it means “at the house of” in French and is a pretty common name for restaurants, as you can see!) This is a hip lounge type restaurant with a typical fusion-French menu and great cocktails. Drop by for a Happy Hour drink and stay for dinner if the mood suits.

Happy dining!