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French pharmacies truly are a haven for unique and specialized products. I could spend hours roaming around one of the larger Pharma-pharmacies looking at all the hair care, body, face, nail goods and make-up. Hardly any of them are the same as what is available back home and each year I send a giant care-package to my mom filled to the brim with “products”. (Cosmetic-counter brands of make-up and beauty products are not available at a French pharmacy. You will need to visit Sephora, Galleries Lafayette, Bon Marché or Marionnaud for those.)

One of our newest readers has asked that we continue this series, begun long ago, on la pharmacie française. Dear Anastasia, this is for you.

I am cheating a little, I suppose, by borrowing from a beauty expert, Lisa Eldridge, who runs a wonderful blog and Youtube site along with her regular activities as a celebrity make-up artist. I just so happen to come across a video the other day that she did on her absolute must-haves from a French pharmacy. (How can I resist?)

To be honest, I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but when I do I almost always take a peek at Lisa’s site for some guidance on new ideas, proper application, methods, and so on. She’s truly fabulous and remarkably easy to follow.

Lisa now lives in London, but years ago she lived in Paris for a spell and every time she returns for a photo shoot she cannot leave without stopping by a French pharmacy to stock up on her favorites (and to see what’s new!).

Here is her very thorough video on the treasures she loves and uses from a French pharmacy.

A lot of French pharmacy brands are available from www.leguidesante.co.uk.

(And if there’s something you really want and can’t find online, shoot me a line and I’ll send it to you!)

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