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Dear Fellow Rose Lovers,

I just couldn’t get over the lovely roses blossoming in the courtyard at the back of the family house down south while we were visiting at the end of July. My beaux-parents have a tremendous rose garden filled with dozens of varieties of rose bushes. Some of the blossoms this year were larger than my hand. Absolutely breathtaking. I’m told that some of these rose bushes have been in place for over 60 years! I’ve tried to capture a little of the rosy deliciousness for you here.

While I was staying with my parents-in-law back in May recuperating after foot surgery, the first blossoms were blooming beautifully and to add a small touch of my own to the family garden, I was invited to plant a little Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose bush. The delicate blush of pink is just gorgeous.

When we returned to the house this summer for a week of holiday, to my absolute delight we happened to stumble upon the second rose blooming. My father-in-law tells me that they are a little late this year, so I was lucky!

During our wedding on the property several years ago, the June afternoon was stifling hot with a cloudless sapphire sky but alas no roses. Or at least none naturally growing in the central courtyard. We married just between blooms.

The scent of one of the red rose bushes – I think I was told it is a Queen’s Anne, but I’ll have to double-check that – is absolutely indescribable in its wondrousness (I think I may have made this word up for the occasion). While walking toward the house you can smell its delicate scent five feet before you happen upon it. That’s how marvelously aromatic it is.

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