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I read a fantastic article in this week’s Figaro Magazine entitled “Nos Villages de Rêve” – Our Dream Villages.

The travel experts-that-be always advise us to be a tourist in your own city and own country, if you like travel, as well as being an international spectator. I have no problem putting this philosophy into practice in France, especially given that it is both my home and a fabulous new playground lying in wait for me to discover. My husband can be a little less enthusiastic at times. “You want to stay in France for this vacation? Why? Let’s go somewhere different, exotic, new?” My response is always the same: “France is different, exotic and new to me!” And there is sooo much to see and experience.

The article details seven of France’s most beautiful, historic and magnificently situated villages. Hidden treasures, I’d say, if a French magazine is reminding the French themselves! I have had the pleasure of visiting Brantôme – billed as the Venice of France – and it was exceptional. I am looking very forward to discovering the rest. They boast everything I love about 

France in one quaint, picture-perfect package: Roman churches and splendid hill-top views, tiny cobblestone streets, ancient castles. Take a peek at the pictures.

The villages are Barfleur on the very northern tip of Normandy; Vézelay near Dijon; Brantôme, Rocamadour and Conques in central France; Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Southwest; and Gordes in Provence.

Here’s hoping you have a chance to discover some of these on your next visit over this way!

Bonnes vacances! (We’re on vacation for 10 days as of today!)