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I’m not all about fashion despite the fact that I live in one of the world’s fashion capitals. In fact, most of my life I’ve been accused far more often of not paying enough attention to clothes and trends than of being a fashsionista and living vicariously through the pages of Vogue magazine.  But when fashion collides with history, well, that piques my attention.

For this week’s Figaro Madame magazine, Karl Lagerfeld of high-fashion’s House of Chanel drew his interpretations of style throughout the last 8 decades.

Much like the piece I posted a few months back on the History of Accessories since the turn of the 20th century, I found Lagerfeld’s rather distinctive approach to fashion (his own iconic style is certainly legendary) quite intriguing.

Plus, I’d never seen Lagerfeld demonstrate his artistic ability before. Funny enough, as was the case with Coco Chanel, Karl doesn’t seem to be a magnificent artist. Coco herself couldn’t draw at all. She never sketched out her designs; she used cloth and a model to create her classic style. So I suppose the lesson to draw here is never let conventional rules keep you down!

Bon visionnage!