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This weekend’s edition of the Figaro Magazine showcased a fabulous Special on Parisian photographer Robert Doisneau. Most of you probably know him from his famous Kiss photograph. Recently, a number of his previously unpublished photographs have been found and they are incorporated in this Special.

As a photographer, Doisneau was particularly fond of regular, everyday human interaction and behavior. His models were most often people he came across in the street or working people he passed by while walking through town, like the boot maker (Le Bottier, picture 4), Gypsies (les Gitans, picture 6), a Harpist (picture 9) – regular people doing regular things. His incredible use of light has arguably never been surpassed by a photographer before or since. He was the visual recorder of a generation and a time gone by.

My favorite part of this Special is the section on the sequence of photos Doisneau took while he was trying to encapsulate his vision for the Kiss photograph which ultimately became his legacy. These photographs can be found in the 10th photograph below under the title Histoire d’un baiser – the History of a Kiss.