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The Figaro Madame is a French magazine published by the Figaro newspaper conglomerate, the Dassault Group, here in Paris. Serge Dassault, the chairman of Dassault Group, is one of the wealthiest people in France, the French equivalent of a Ted Turner or a Rupert Murdoch.

Normally, I tend toward Figaro Madame’s mix of political and social commentary, literary reviews and feature articles. This week, however, the fashion section caught my eye.

As you know, Parisian style is largely based on accessorizing. So, when I saw an exposé of these principles over the span of the last century, I had to share it. Although, I have to admit, I never understand why fashion models don’t smile!

Beginning with the 1920s and following the decades through to 2012, this photo shoot illustrates how purses, jewelry, glasses, hats, shoes, scarves – accessories – have shaped and complimented French style for over 90 years.

The title page of the article introduces the theme:

The History of Accessories. The summer of 2012 is holding onto the vintage effect and retro influences. And because they impose themselves as the key elements of the silhouette, the accessories themselves evoke, with great creative energy, the popular trends of the past decades.”

Parisian 2012 summer fashion appears to be shaping into an interesting combination of the 1920s’ box-cut shimmer and the high-necked soft pastels of the 60s, a far cry from the monotone, androgynous 2000s or the patterned, ‘loose’ 1970s.