It’s rare, but it snowed here in Paris last night, and it stayed. This morning we all woke up to a blanket of white covering the cars and balconies and streets below. The city is quiet; there’s very little wind. The laughs of excited children echo and ricochet through the narrow avenues. Having spent a great deal of my life in Canada, I would call this a dusting. But to Parisians, this is a once a year experience, and they se régalent (really enjoy it)!

I popped out this morning to capture the moment, as it likely won’t last the day. Although it’s been very cold here in Paris this past week, and this morning was no exception, perhaps it will stick around a little. The snow is lovely. Reminds me of home.

You’ll notice the roads are unsalted and very few cars test their chances. People continue to line up for their Sunday baguette, though. Then again, I think the French would line up for their baguette under any conditions.

Bon visionnage!

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