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A few days ago I posted a recipe from Alain Ducasse’s repertoire calling for baby rabbit thighs. I mentioned that I was going to try it out with pork instead of the little furry creatures, and over the weekend I did just that only with both pork and lamb.

Here’s how it went.

First of all, this recipe looked a whole lot simpler when I was watching my mother-in-law’s skillful hands maneuver through the steps. If you aren’t a master chef in your own right (as I am not) then may I humbly suggest the following modifications:

1. You are going to have a great deal of liquid from grating the veggies and apples. Either drain the liquid before you make your hash brown paddies or squeeze the liquid out with your hands as you make them.

2. The paddies are eccentric, a little acidic. I modified the recipe as follows: 1 green apple (instead of 2), 1 turnip and 3 large potatoes, and it came out much better. (I don’t think my taste buds are sophisticated enough for the acidic apple and turnip flavor juxtaposed to the sumptuous richness of the chocolate sauce.)

3. If you can’t eat rabbit, I recommend pork or chicken rather than lamb as a substitute. The rather strong flavor of the lamb clashes a wee bit with the chocolate sauce.

4. The chocolate sauce itself is absolutely delicious. The recipe makes a large quantity. I used the leftovers to make brownies by adding a little flour and an egg. It worked great.

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I hope you have fun with this recipe!

Bon appétit!