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Becoming Madame has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

A great big giant THANK YOU goes out to Bliss Travel News for the nomination!!

Apparently there are a few rules to follow:

1. To Bliss Travel News our nominator: Thank you so very much, indeed! Bliss is a travel blog specializing in travel coordination to France and offers invaluable information for your next trip to le pays français. They also offer a wedding package, so if you’ve ever imagined yourself wed in an ancient French château, on a vineyard in Bordeaux they’ve got you covered. Bliss is definitely worth a peek for all those planning to come our way!

2. Seven (fun) facts about me, the lady behind Becoming Madame.

  • When I moved to France, I knew only three words of the language.
  • I’ve lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Palm Beach, Florida; Toronto, Canada; Kingston, Ontario; Boston, Mass; New York, NY; Washington DC; Hanover, Vermont; Paris, France.
  • Am married to a Frenchman.
  • Want a Golden Retriever puppy real bad (possibly for Christmas! hint, hint.)
  • Love to cook, but didn’t realize it until I moved to France.
  • Was a lawyer in a past life. Now I’m a writer.
  • Love books and art and the feeling I get when I walk into the Opéra Garnier.

3. Fifteen bloggers I thoroughly enjoy reading, find quite brilliant and would like to nominate (with a special nod back to Bliss Travel News). In no particular order: