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As promised, here is a list of top consignment shops in Paris. Paris, as you know, is one of the world’s capitals of fashion, the home of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. But for those of you who are looking for French elegance without the Parisian price tag, I give you the following.

I have personally been to the shops that I list here, and they are definitely worth a visit. I’ve written a little comment beside each with their contact info. Enjoy!

1. Reciproque, rue de la Pompe, 16ème. Open Tuesday* through Friday 11-7 and Saturdays 10:30-7.

As Paris’ largest collection of consignment shops for all categories of fashion, Reciproque is a must-see stop for all serious consignment shoppers. Begun 30 years ago by Nicole Morel, the six boutiques carry all second-hand high fashion from shoes, jewels and bags to Haut Couture, daily wear, scarves and accessories. In fact, each of the shops, which are sprinkled on rue de la Pompe in the 16ème near la Muette, is dedicated to a particular category of item.

I mark this shop first not because it is my favorite, I find it a bit big and impersonal, but because it has so much stock and the best selection. For more info in English, click here.

*Note for your planning: Most small stores, not chains, are open on Saturdays in France and closed on Mondays. Monday is not a shopping day in France. Also note that most museums are closed on Tuesdays.

2. Le Misentroc, 63 rue Notre-Dame des Champs, 6ème. Open Tuesday to Friday 10:30-7 closed for lunch hour 12-2.

I found this shop by accident. It was kitty-corner to the foyer I lived in when I first came to France years ago. When my mom came to visit in March that year, we went exploring the area and found this little treasure. Packed tightly into every nook and cranny of the quaint shop are bargains. You can walk out of Misentroc with a great pair of designer jeans for 60€ or several base essentials for a total of 200€.

3. & 4. In the heart of Saint-Germain des Près are my two big secrets, my all time favorite consignment shops in Paris and the ones no one seems to know about.

Opening times for these next few shops vary a bit as they are smaller, more intimate places. Your best bet is from 11-6 and avoid the lunch hour 12-2 just to be safe.

Les Trois Marchés, 1 rue Guisarde, 6ème

Catherine B, 1 bis rue Guisarde, 6ème (next door)

Located just beside the Marché Saint Germain off rue Mabillon, Les Trois Marchés and Catherine B are run by fabulous ladies wearing Chanel suits with perfectly coiffed hair and big pearl earrings. They offer a seasonal selection of designer suits, dresses, formal wear and accessories that will blow you away. But so will their prices. You can get a Chanel suit for 1,000€ rather than 5,000€ new, but it’s still a hefty price tag. Their clientele are the wealthy Parisian ladies of the area who wear a new outfit for a season (sometimes the clothes still have the tags on them!) and then bring them in to sell. The clothes here are practically brand new and the prices reflect both the labels and impeccable condition. If you’ve always wanted an original Chanel suit, mark these shops down on your list! They also have a great selection of handbags and accessories.

This is a wonderful area in which to shop around as well. Neighboring rue Four and rue Saint-Germain both have a great deal of shops and cafés for a fabulously French afternoon.

5. Dress Code, 62 Avenue Théophile Gautier, 16ème

In my neighborhood, if you happen to be exploring the Village of Auteuil, this shop is worth a peek. It is a small space, again cramped, but the finds can be exceptional. They specialize in mid-range high fashion, if that is even a pre-defined category: Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Tara Jarmon, Vicomte Author, Zadig & Voltaire and Gerald Darel, among many others. They have a great selection of designer bags.

Happy shopping!