One of Paris’ best kept secrets is this quaint village in the southern tip of the 16ème arrondissement just below the ever fashionable/ über-exclusive Passy and La Muette neighborhoods. Next to the Bois de Boulogne and the Hippodrome where Hemingway went to the horse races, Auteuil is a throw-back to a time past, a neighborhood populated by families, hip with those in the know, and yet one of the areas of Paris least known to tourists.

Our next video will be on the enchantment surrounding the Parc Monceau, Paris 8ème.

Stay tuned this month for: Hemingway’s Paris, the French dinner party (look for this one this weekend), cooking: a Frichti and a Boeuf Bourguignon (I’ll show you how easy it really is, from a long-enduring French family recipe as opposed to JC’s, although hers is good too!).