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Welcome on this journey into the real lives lived in Paris, France.

This site will be the home of a series of videos which explore life in Paris beyond that which can be easily discovered as a tourist. Having lived in Paris for 5 years, and after becoming a part of an old traditional French family, Becoming Madame pulls back the curtain on what life really is like in the City of Lights and Love.

Have you ever wanted to live in Paris? Not visit Paris, but actually immerse yourself into the daily routines, the lifestyle, the fashion, the cafés, the food? Here’s a chance. Becoming Madame is your virtual full access, behind-the-scenes Paris site.

Leave us a message and let us know if you have specific questions about Paris life and we’ll answer with a video detailing everything there is to know about the subject.

Our first videos (out in October) will focus on the differences I encountered moving permanently to Paris, adjusting to a multicultural relationship, learning to cook à la française, as well as sharing all the secrets about French life and culture I’ve learned from sheer immersion and especially from my fabulously French mother-in-law.

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