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This is a site where Francophiles, like us, can get an inside peak on what real life is like in Paris, France from the perspective of an American who came to France as a visitor and who fate has turned into Madame. So here you’ll learn about what living in Paris is like, not as a tourist or student life, but what it is like to be a Parisian and belong to a very old, traditional, French family; all the customs, the quirks and the charm of a real French life.

Our second goal is to introduce and put into action our concept of Green Chic living. This is an idea we have about living in tune with the environment through our shopping habits and daily routines without becoming a hippy, granola eater who doesn’t shave her armpits. No, I’m joking. (I have nothing against hippies.) But the style and lifestyle isn’t for everyone and so over the last several years we’ve discovered – through keen observation of the French – a ton of ways people can make green decisions and maintain a chic lifestyle. No need to serve your dinner guests on moss-covered plates or reuse toilet paper. (Although 100% recycled fiber TP is definitely a good choice!)

Our topics range from cooking to outings in Paris, from the markets (les marchés) and shopping to transportation and the best places tourists don’t know about, from wine and entertaining à la française to giving a dinner party in Paris, from the best places to vacation in France and Paris to eating like the French (think: proportions, eating in season, and sitting down at a table).

If you have a topic or a question about Paris or France that you’d like us to do a video on, feel free to write us. We have a stock pile for the time being (thank you to those who have already given suggestions!!), but are always very interested in what you like best and what interests you the most.

Lastly, Becoming Madame (a small team of people both French and American plus me) was created for people who, like us, still believe in traditional family values, think that doing right by the environment should be a given, and who may have trouble finding a source of those values in their everyday lives. I want to share with you what I’ve learned from being immersed head first into this new culture and from being a member of a family who embodies the very essence of the French style de vie.

Hope you enjoy!